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2020/2021 Honorees

  • Physician Award: Dr. Donald Shaw
  • President’s Award: Thelma White
  • Trustee Award: Sisters of Christian Charity
    • Sister Maria Assumpta Shurer
    • Sister Joan Daniel Healy
    • Sister Mary Edward Sporher

Watch to learn more about the Sisters of Christian Charity, who received their honor virtually.

2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

2019 Honorees

  • Physician Award: Dr. Donald J. Leathers
  • President’s Award: UPMC Hillman Cancer Centers in Williamsport and Wellsboro
  • Philanthropist Award: William H. and Mary “Sis” Fish

2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

2018 Honorees

  • President’s Award: Tim and Ruthanne Crotty
  • Philanthropist Award: George and Shirley Durrwachter
  • Physician Award: Dr. F. Ardell Thomas

2017 Lifetime Achievement Award Honoress

2017 Honorees

  • Philanthropist Award: Hudock Capital Group, LLC
  • Physician Award: Dr. William McCauley
  • Trustee Award: James E. Mothersbaugh

2016 Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

2016 Honorees

  • Philanthropist Award: Blaise Alexander
  • Trustee Award: R. Robert DeCamp
  • Physician Award: Dr. Albert Liddell
  • President's Award: John Troisi
  • Physician Award: Dr. Russell Worobec

2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

2015 Honorees

  • Physician Award: Dr. John Burks
  • Physician Award: Dr. Joseph Calder
  • President's Award: Keith Kuzio
  • Trustee Award: John C. Lundy
  • Philanthropist Award: Ward Manufacturing
  • President's Award: John and Sue Young

2011 Lifetime Achievement Award Honorees

2011 Honorees

  • Richard DeWald
  • Birch Phillips, Jr.
  • Peyton McDonald
  • Ralph Nardi, Jr.
  • Marvin Staiman