All donations stay local and are matched to the donor’s passion.

Whether it is supporting the emergency department, cancer services, home care and hospice, or another specific service line, contributions are at work every day to provide life-changing medicine.

Male using CAR Epoint computer application

CAREpoint Plays a Pivotal Role in Delivering the Highest Quality of Care to Patients

Generous donors have donated to implement CAREpoint – a comprehensive, integrated workstation that allows medical teams to improve communication, workflow, and, most important, patient care. It allows emergency department staff to consolidate everything – radios, phones, and computers. What was once jumbled on a long desk is now a single workstation, saving a lot of room, improves efficiency, and eliminates the need to go back and forth among all the devices.

Older Woman with Assitant on a Computer

It’s Never 2 Late (iN2L)

It’s Never 2 Late (iN2L), combines touch-screen computers with intuitive, picture-based software and an extensive, continually updated content library to provide a personalized experience for residents in our skilled nursing facilities. It can be used for therapy, family, or leisure purposes — individually or with a group.

Male helping Male in Wheelchair get into a vehicle

Benevolent Care Fund Helps Patients in Need

Over the last two decades, one of the largest gatherers of publicly provided data has been tracking the percentage of Americans who say they have — or a family member has — postponed medical treatment due to cost. But, thanks to a new fund designed to help those in need of short-term assistance, some patients at UPMC in the Northcentral region will no longer have to postpone medical treatment due to financial hardship.